The Strokes release a new song, "One Way Trigger"

There's still no word on exactly when a new Strokes album might materialize, but the band has begun to release individual tracks. Today, a new song called "One Way Trigger" appeared on the Stroke's official website. The synth-based number features Julian Casablancas singing in a high falsetto, and if that doesn't sound like the Strokes you know and love, you might not want to stream it below or download it here.

What do you think of the Strokes' "One Way Trigger"?

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Tuden Jamir (TUDS)
Cool Song cant get enough of it, I only play tis song in my Car Again n again...n i im tryin 4 the track call ALL THE TIME bt i cant get it newaz Im so excited n cant wait 4 the new Album.....
Rating: +2
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