Knights of Badassdom trailer stinks up the joint

An opportunity to laugh at socially maladjusted loners cunningly disguised as a bland-yet-crude comedy (think a combination of Your Highness and The Big Bang Theory), Knights of Badassdom ostensibly provides a humorous look at the world of live-action role-play (LARP).

In the trailer, however, the jokes sound forced, the nerds and geeks are stereotypically pathetic, and the exploration of LARP culture is, at best, superficial. But with star power like Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), and Summer Glau (Firefly), I'm sure there won't be any trouble getting butts in seats. How many of those butts will be self-hating nerds and geeks, though, remains to be seen.

FYI, If you’re looking for a more sympathetic portrait of LARP, check out 2009 thriller The Wild Hunt.

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