Media critic David Carr will help wind up this year's PuSh fest

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      This year’s edition of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival winds up on Sunday (February 3) with a strange new twist—not an intricate dance piece or a visionary drama, but rather a talk by a renowned author and journalist: the New York Times’ David Carr.

      As a media and culture columnist for the Gray Lady, Carr has said many provocative things about the ways in which the old categories of media—paper, television, radio—now collide and blend on the web. He’s also been unafraid to mourn, and mourn loudly, the decline of the carefully curated world-views that traditional newspapers and magazines have offered for decades.

      If those issues aren't enough to fill his 7:30 p.m. appearance at Capilano University, he’s also ready to explore the dark personal ground he covered in his 2008 memoir, The Night of the Gun. There, Carr focused his well-honed journalist skills on his own chaotic struggles with cocaine addiction, the toll it took on his family, and his hard-won recovery.

      Complete details can be found on the PuSh website.


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      Patricia L. Morris

      Feb 4, 2013 at 12:42pm

      Great session with David Carr last night. but..he said he's talk about hoaxes in the Samoan culture and never went back to it.