Waldorf Hotel supporters submit their own statement of significance

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      Supporters of the Waldorf Hotel have submitted their own community-derived “statement of significance” for the East Vancouver site.

      In an 87-page report including historical and current photographs, community stories, event posters and architectural details, a group of authors outline why they believe the building should be included in the city’s heritage register as a “recent landmark”.

      “As is outlined in this document, the cultural significance of the Waldorf was already being established in the last two years, in a building that is like no other in this city—the combination of the two creating a space for high and low brow, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural energy to be brought together in a ‘cultural incubator'," the document reads. "Imagine what could be achieved if allowed to grow for another 10, or 20 years."

      Vancouver city council approved a 120-day protection order for the site on January 15 while a heritage assessment process takes place. Waldorf Productions, the former operators of the site, closed up shop at the cultural hub last month after the building was sold to developer Solterra Group.

      The whole report can be viewed here.


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      Feb 3, 2013 at 5:08pm

      Why anyone is supposed to care about a hangout for hipster bobos is beyond me. Trust fund posers will easily find other places where they can pretend to live in Williamsburg or Portland. Fixies, food trucks, MDMA, and artsy middle-aged predators will find other ponds to fish in. The wheel turns.


      Feb 4, 2013 at 10:55pm

      @Pleasewhatever. Please, whatever.