Gay India: Indian Pride parades, Bollywood's Hrithik Roshan's same-sex love

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      One day after India's most populous city held its annual Pride parade, the southern Indian city of Hyderabad made history.

      After several struggles to obtain permission to march, Hyderabad, the capital of the southeastern state Andhra Pradesh, finally held its first-ever Pride parade on February 3, with an estimated 300 people participating.

      Meanwhile, the sixth annual Mumbai Queer Azaadi March was held in India's most populous city on February 2 with approximately 1,000 people in attendance. Although big names were missing from the Mumbai parade, a certain Bollywood star has once again expressed his acceptance of his gay fanbase.

      Heartthrob Hrithik Roshan, who has starred in the international crossover flick Kites (which was remixed by Hollywood director Brett Ratner for the global market) says he's cool with the attention he gets from gay fans.

      He rose to gay icon status in 2011 when the media began reporting that his wax statue at Madame Tussauds was one of the top 10 most kissed statues—with the majority of the kisses being done

      Of course, baring his ripped torso for the male readership of the Indian edition of Men's Health in August 2012 didn't exactly hurt his same-sex appeal either.

      According to the Hindustan Times, Roshan simply sees attention from gay fans as a compliment. The progressive-minded buffcake star also called for an end to homophobia.

      “We have to grow up. We can’t be immature and segregate people according to their likes and dislikes," he said. "They [gay people] are just like you and I."

      And yes, he loves the gays: “They are human and I love them all. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or not."

      Proving he has brains to go with all that brawn, Roshan has been an outspoken proponent of gay rights on the South Asian subcontinent for several years. 

      But sorry, fellas—Roshan is married to a woman and has two sons. But with hot allies like these, who cares about enemies?