Watch Suede at the Town Pump, 1993

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      As you well know, everybody and their dog saw the White Stripes at the Pic Pub back when Jack and Meg were still hawking their own merch from behind a three-legged poker table set up next to the men’s room. And who the fuck didn’t see the Beatles at Empire Stadium in 1964?

      Either of those gigs pale next to Suede at the Town Pump in the autumn of 1993. This was the only time the dark horse of the Britpop era surfaced here in Vangroover—a show that was announced in a Jobriath-style publicity blitz with enormous posters all over the downtown core and a collective “Huh?” from everybody who saw them.

      Scratch that. I was excited, and so was every single person in the elect 200 or so heard screaming along to “Metal Mickey” in this video from that very night, posted recently to YouTube by somebody calling themselves ‘jarvizcocker’. (Thank you!)

      You can actually watch the entire show, song by song, which is the closest you'll get to being there, sucker.


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