Grow-op photo of the day: Underground bunker in Sorrento

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      A lot of pictures of marijuana land in my inbox—and almost all of them come from the RCMP. Detachments around the province love to tout their latest grow-op busts, with unskillfully shot photos of pot plants and bags of cash.

      Today's delivery: 7,000 plants found in an underground bunker beneath a hay shed in Sorrento. Salmon Arm RCMP said a 52-year-old man faces charges of production of a controlled substance. The police statement didn't say what they plan to do with the "marihuana" plants, however.


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      Feb 9, 2013 at 12:58am

      Ever heard of Supply and Demand?

      As long as there is enough Demand for it, there will always be someone to Supply it.

      And as long as marijuana is the relatively safe recreational drug that it is, there will always be enough Demand.

      We need a referendum such as Washington and Colorado did, who both voted to legalize it.

      We need to institute a direct democracy that uses the Internet and technology to let every citizen have a vote on every subject up for debate. Perpetual polling where everyone always has a say in how the country works. Not this flawed, old fashioned, overly complicated, system of government we are paying for today. is a great example.


      Feb 9, 2013 at 3:38pm

      "Perpetual polling where everyone always has a say in how the country works."

      In California, which has a "vote on everything" style "democracy", citizens voted themselves into a massive deficit resulting in huge cuts to infrastructure maintenance and social services. Only recently have they begun to vote to sustain their spending.

      I think you put a little too much faith in the benevolence of the individual.