Video: Femen philosophy explained (warning: some nudity)

If you've been baffled by the Ukrainian topless women's group Femen, then we've got a video for you.

The activist group is catching on in different countries because it's reclaiming nudity as a means of challenging patriarchy.

Femen has spread from Kiev to Paris to São Paulo. Don't be surprised if this is the year it arrives in Canada or the United States.

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Malcolm Boura
Why does the headline have a warning? That implies a risk of harm. By all means inform but implying a risk of harm where none exists is harmful.
Rating: -5
Martin Dunphy
Malcolm: That warning is a courtesy to those who may be viewing the item in an environment, such as a place of work or near children, where such images may be considered inappropriate by some.
It should not be considered an editorial statement.
We swear.
Rating: +1
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