What's the scariest thing you've seen this Halloween?

I just received a tweet from David Gogo.

The Vancouver Island blues-rocker sent out a pic of himself as beseiged ex-CBC broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi.

He's even got Big Ears Teddy along for the ride.

Watch out Nanaimo! Lock up your daughters.

And your moms!

And your sisters!

And your aunts!

That's one way to light a fire under voters. Squamish council candidate Peter Kent, who's a stuntman, is promising to set himself ablaze in the centre of town.

All Squamish voters have to do is beat 2011's Squamish election turnout of 39 percent. In a news release, Kent states:

I challenge other municipal candidates in Squamish and all across BC to match my pledge in some way, shape or form, that is unique to you! However, THE biggest challenge, is for each and every voter to Rock The Vote by voting on November 15, 2014!

Worried about your baby's stroller getting hit by a car at night? A local company may have the product for you.

Strollbright is developing LED strips that attach to a stroller, like similar products for bikes.

The company has launched a $5,000 Kickstarter campaign, where the team says:

The desertion of and distancing from Ghomeshi continues to snowball.

First, Jian Ghomesi was fired by the CBC. Then, after Ghomeshi's initiated PR tide turned, fans began to abandon or turn against the radio star in droves.

Most recently, Ghomeshi has been dropped not only by the Agency Group, who represented him since his days in the 1990s band Moxy Früvous, and his publishing company Penguin Random House Canada, but the two PR companies that were helping manage him and his crisis have also dropped him.

In the U.S., the TV series What Would You Do? regularly stages scenes of discrimination in public locations to see how bystanders will (or won't) react.

After the fatal shooting of Corporal Nathan Cirillo by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau at the national war memorial in Ottawa, York University student Omar Albach was inspired to conduct a "social experiment" to see how comfortable Canadians felt about being around Muslims.

In scenes staged in Hamilton—the hometown of Cirillo—Albach had a friend named Zakaria Ghanem, wearing a traditional Muslim robe, waiting in line to board a bus. As Albach filmed, another friend, Devin Giamou, played a discriminatory man confronting Ghanem who says he doesn't feel comfortable getting on a bus with a Muslim person.

The Ouxi: Taiwanese Puppetry Festival takes place at the Museum of Anthropology from November 4 to 9. The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors Meet+Greet+Eat, an event happening November 7 from 6 to 9 p.m.

With the Jian Ghomeshi story unfolding over the course of this week, the president and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada has released a public statement on the controversy.

Hubert T. Lacroix issued today (October 31) this "Note to Canadians":

I’m not sure where to begin. Like you, the unfolding allegations of the past week have left me in shock, sadness, and some anger.

Straight white males, do you feel frustrated because the media is no longer catering exclusively to you? Do you get a big sad whenever you are reminded of your privilege?

Comedian Peter Coffin has the solution for you: Brozac!

"Brozac works by blocking the brain's social justice receptors," according to the video. "This restores you to the clearer, happier state of total narcissism you once felt comfortable and safe in."

Check out the video below.

Find more videos from Coffin on YouTube.

With the likes of Justin Bieber, Rob Ford, and Jian Ghomeshi, Canada is not only making international headlines, but we're also gaining a worldwide reputation for being a nation of idiots and assholes. (I guess we can thank our current leadership for that. Cheers, Harper.)

Thank god for Kevin Vickers.

While Vickers has been pretty much drowned out by the media tsunami covering Ghomeshigate, somehow news satirist Stephen Colbert managed to take note of Vickers' dynamic act of bravery.

On his Comedy Central program, Colbert paid tribute to the House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms for his takedown of Parliament Hill shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau on October 22.

In fact, he even apologized for things he's said about Canada in the past.

Toronto comedian Megan MacKay's website describes her as an "amateur Kanye West impersonator".

She also knows how to duplicate the Jian Ghomeshi look.

In her makeup tutorial, she shares how you too can use the "Beloved Public Broadcaster" and "Pseudo-Intellectual Douchebag" shades to your advantage.