In praise of indie movie theatres

After posting our item on the shock sale of the Fifth Avenue and Park Theatre to the Cineborg Entertainment group—which will own as of March 1 every first run cinema in Vancouver except the Dunbar—this tweet from the RIO appeared:

 We're waving back.

If you're the kind of Vancouverite whose siege mentality has been aggravated by today's news, then let's not forget the fine, eccentric, lively and moreover independent programming that still goes on at the Rio, Vancity, Cinematheque and Collingwood. 

And on that note: please stand by, Bill Murray fans, for our feature on Roman Coppola's deliriously stylish A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, which opens at the Rio and only the Rio on Monday (February 25).

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Here's a thumbs up for independent movie theatres!
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