Photos: Politicians flock to Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver

Election years always make for fun times (for this photographer, anyways) at Vancouver's Chinese New Year Parade.

With the Year of the Snake bringing with it the 2013 B.C. election, Premier Christy Clark and NDP Leader Adrian Dix were among the swarm of politicians spotted campaigning in Chinatown celebrating the Lunar New Year on Sunday (February 17).

It wasn't just provincial politicians working the crowd. Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages James Moore, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson, and other federal and municipal politicians were out in force as well.

Then there were the young Conservatives handing out lai see (no lucky money inside, unfortunately) from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who did not attend.

Here's some of my photos from the 40th Chinese New Year Parade.

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fat choy
My god. It is a veritable cluster of obsequious politicos!
Rating: +7
I never saw Christy Clark while I was at the parade. So I don't think she completed the whole parade route. Too bad, I would of liked to of taken some pictures of her.
Rating: -9
an idea
Why don't we ordinary citizens put on a parade honouring the politicians of all levels, parties etc & put them all on a float & as the float goes by, we could throw tomatoes at them or if they decide to walk, we could all take turns & kick them in their ass's.
Rating: +17
Jackal, Christy Clark did indeed complete the whole route. I saw her near the end. The politicians worked the sides of the parade, and if you were on the "wrong" side, you would have missed her.
Rating: +6
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