The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival

The eighth annual Vancouver International Women in Film Festival takes place at the Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour Street) from March 7 to 10. This year, the festival founded and organized by Women in Film + Television Vancouver will feature 27 short, mid-length, and feature films from more than a dozen countries.

The films selected this year include narrative, documentary, experimental, and animation. Some highlights include “Jamón”, a classically animated short film about a pig living in a family of humans; Life in Stills, a beautiful documentary about the relationships between an aging woman and her grandson as they attempt to save her late husband’s work; Little Black Spiders, a drama about young women who are sent to live out their pregnancies in a hospital’s attic; “OMG”, a Canadian short film that looks at the relationship between a misunderstood teenager and her grandmother; “The Stolen”, a fantasy-thriller where a young girl’s dark wish comes true; and Телега (The Cart), a silent mid-length film that follows an abandoned cart that moves on its own.

Tickets to film screenings start at $10 and can be purchased online or by calling 604-685-1152. Tickets will also be available at the Vancity Theatre box office.

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