The day Otis Music died

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      I remember lunging like an insane person for a pristine copy of Miles Davis's Bitches Brew that was sitting on the wall at Otis Music. 

      It's not like I was competing with anyone for it, but—as blogger Salmongang implies heresuch was the vibe of the place, which was shuttered earlier in the week after more than two decades on Davie Street.

      Under the management of Todd Fuller, you were swept up into the kind of old-fashioned vinyl-dementia that you don’t quite get standing in front of a tiny and incongruous new release rack at Best Buy.

      When the big box stores are forced to acknowledge that wax has made an almighty comeback, the irony of losing a citadel that was run for love not money only deepens. Evidently, Otis Music was pushed out by the sale of the building.

      There’s no word yet if Fuller will re-open elsewhere.