Casting call goes out for Real Hipsters of Vancouver

In the last month, I've been spending disgusting amounts of time on the creeper factory known as Craigslist. Most of the time it's an endless wasteland of overpriced illegal rentals and inarticulate ranting from drunkards at 3 a.m. But somedays the site has me laughing so hard I want to cry.

Among today's gems? A casting call for the Real Hipsters of VancouverAre you an attractive, pointless urbanite who adores fixies, fedoras, and flat beer? This is the perfect gig for you!

Participants should be under 40 and have a telephone; bonus points for those hipsters who still use landlines ironically.

"This is a paid job," the ad threatens. Hear that, hipsters? You can finally get paid doing the nothing that you love!

EDIT: Oh, dear lord, they have a website and a Twitter account. It's happening. 

What else is tickling my funny bone today? A casting call for Dungeons and Dragons players to participate in a film project.

The ad promises a small stipend for participants, which leaves me wondering which gig pays better: a hipster reality show or a D&D improv film.

What I know for sure: I would not be embarrassed to participate in the latter. 

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Jak Surman
Real Hipsters of Vancouver, eh?
I reckon I'm a prime candidate. I mean, I walk around downtown wearing a stylish turban, designer shoes, gothic black coat and a fresh flower on my lapel every day! But I'm older than 40...ouch!
Rating: +17
Thomas Folkestone
I certainly hope this is a hunting show.
Rating: +46
The Craigslist link works but the posting isn't up anymore.
Rating: -7
Leslie Lessard
The largest problem that this show will face is that a true hipster will refuse to identify as one.
Rating: +9
typical Vancouver, about 7 yrs behind the trend?

wtf is a hipster - all i see are wannabees around here.
Rating: +17
For those who enter is not a "real" hipster
Rating: +13
yeah, I was at a houseparty this weekend with about 50 "hipsters", they all looked the same. (I left early)
Rating: +2
? - you are so right. Here's a great sketch called 'The Hipster Olympics' it was posted to YouTube in 2007. It's time for the mocking/loving/honoring of hipster culture to end.
Rating: -1
Vancouver conceptual artist response to this whole real hipster of Vancouver thing!!
Rating: -7
Hey R.P.
Are you an attractive, pointless urbanite who adores fixies, fedoras, and flat beer? This is the perfect gig for you!

Sounds just like you! ;)
Rating: +4
The idea that being a "hipster" is anything at all is popular with people who need a derogatory label for someone they resent for unintentionally making them feel "conventional" or "unoriginal". No one who fits the description accepts the label because it's a caricature that trivializes who they are and what they're about as people. If someone is bummed when they see someone wearing a toque and tight jeans, it probably just reflects their desire for that person to be more like them. People don't dress differently to be individualistic. It's about trying to align yourself with people you have stuff in common with. Criticisms like that hipsters aren't doing much for society, or that they are homogeneous and vain, are applicable to almost anyone. That being said, this show is trying to make something out of nothing and is going to be bruuutal.
Rating: +6
thank you to Steve for the Hipster Olympics video. That is some seriously funny sh!t.

"...he's watching for an over all level of nonchalance and a reticent air of superiority."
Rating: +1
bikesgonewild an ex-pat canuck & ex-stone hippie that, back in '66 & '67, hitch hiked across canada & up n' down the left coast several times to end up in what's been my home in nor-cal for the last 45 years, i gotta let you folks in on a little secret...

...whilst all of canada had it's own set of transcient hippie types "back in the day", vancouver & only vancouver had a social phenomena subset of youngsters from wealthy to middle class homes, bored, wanna be hip but couldn't commit, hangers-on that were derogatorily refered to as "hershey's", like the candy company...

...two-tone saddle shoes, pea coats, clean shaven with long-ish, "nicely cut" hair & basically a blase', "meh" other words, sad ass hipsters & it seems that in 'van', their legacy is assured...
Rating: -3
Rating: -9
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