Slash, Satch, and Joe Bonamassa tweet tributes to guitar hero Alvin Lee

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The rock 'n' roll world is still reeling from yesterday's news of the death of Ten Years After guitarist-vocalist Alvin Lee. And some of the world's top pickers have tweeted their thoughts on the British blues-rock legend.

"I just heard about Alvin Lee's passing," tweeted Slash. "He was the 1st badass, super fast lead guitarist I remember hearing as a kid. legend. RIP. iii]; )' ".

Joe Satriani tweeted a link to his Facebook page that reads: "Alvin Lee was a big influence on my playing. He was a great musician and a gentleman too. I still have the pick he gave me a few years back... R.I.P. Alvin Lee ... Joe"

And five hours ago Joe Bonamassa tweeted: "The lads and I just finished rehearsing and old number from way back all in tribute to the late Alvin Lee. Hope we do it justice tonight."

Yesterday Bonamassa--who plays Vancouver April 10--also sent a "Rest in Peace" for Lee, and included a link to this clip of the guitarist famously tearing it up with Ten Years After at Woodstock in 1969:

 Whoa! That sounds even better than the time I saw Alvin back in '87.

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