Now here's a haircut ripe for the picking

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      From Harajuku's goth Lolitas to Uru-Hara's hip-hop boys, Japan's new generation has never been known to shy away from fashion freakery.

      Neon-hued 'dos and leopard-print hair-dye jobs have also become trendy. But will this tasty new look catch on?

      Apparently a stylist named Hiro from the hip Osaka-based hair salon called Trick Store is pushing the  "Ripe Tomato" (or "kanjuku tomato" in Japanese), seen here.

      It's reminding us a little too much of the Annoying Tomato and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, but props to the lady who went for the cherry-red look here. We just can't imagine how this one will grow out—when the Ripe Tomato becomes the "Rotten Tomato".

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