NDP won't fire Burnaby candidate for writing "chinkasaurus" 11 years ago

Burnaby-Lougheed NDP candidate Jane Shin has been getting stomped on in B.C. Liberal news releases this week.

First, the governing party accused the 34-year-old graduate of a Caribbean medical school of resumé inflation on a Linked-in profile, a B.C. Institute of Technology biography, and in various interviews.

Then, the B.C. Liberals released evidence that she had written the word "chinkasaurus" on an online gaming forum when she was 21 years old.

The NDP has stood beside Shin, who is the party's first candidate of Korean descent, rather than chuck her off the bus, as happened to Kelowna-Mission candidate Dayleen van Ryswyk.

For the past 12 years, Burnaby-Lougheed was represented in the legislature by former cabinet minister Harry Bloy. He was the only member of the B.C. Liberal caucus to support Christy Clark's leadership campaign.

The B.C. Liberals are running lawyer Ken Kramer against the Green party's Darwin Burns and Christine Clark of the B.C. Conservatives.

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There's no context here like there was with van Ryswyk.
Rating: -9
I attended a NDP Fundraiser dinner in Burnaby last year, and Jane Shin was there. I sat in a table at the front near the stage. I had a bad vibe about her since she didn't smile and looked very uptight while she sat in the table. She was the only person who I didn't clap when they were introducing the NDP candidates when Adrian Dix while giving the speeches. As a Burnaby resident, a lifelong NDP voter, I wouldn't vote for Jane Shin, but she isn't in my riding in Burnaby. Adrian Dix needs to have her resign as a Burnaby-Lougheed NDP candidate!
Rating: -17
Invisible Hand
Jane Shin is a wannabe doctor with questionable credentials so the NDP would be better off without a candidate with a racist past.
Rating: +10
If the NDP won't fire her, they won't be getting my vote on May 14th.
Rating: -16
Playoff Crunch
It's pretty sad when incompetent candidates falsify their educational credentials and make up a bogus work history because they think voters will have more respect for them if they have impressive credentials or have worked in an "important field".

If a candidate is truly politically savvy & understands voter ideology, then voters will usually support you and could care less about your "Ph.D" or your "medical background". Having a racist past doesn't help either in modern day politics.
Rating: +1
What a total joke! It seems like anybody can 'qualify' to be a political candidate these days.

Has she made a formal apology for her racist remarks? If not, good luck getting votes from the Chinese in Burnaby-Lougheed.
Rating: +16
She won't get very far on the political ladder with her bogus credentials.
Rating: +1
Racist?? can anybody tell the difference between a Chinese and a Korean, she just insulted herself since Koreans are of Chinese heritage
Rating: -25
It's ironic because her only possible advantage in the upcoming election is that some voters may think she is Chinese & then decide to vote for her. Maybe that's why the NDP refuses to fire her.
Rating: -7
Pat Crowe
The misguided attempt at self deprecation as a self indulgent 21 year old I can let slide.
The phonied up resume does cause one concern however.
You would think Adrian would line his ducks{decoys}up a little more carefully.
Rating: +8
Stuart Parker
This is absolute bullshit. Quasi-anonymous online forums are a conversational medium. If you keep going after people for offhand remarks they made ten years ago in a quasi-anonymous conversational medium, there will only be two kinds of candidates left: (1) people who have been polishing their resumes since they first ran for student council at the age of 12 and (2) people who are as boring as whale shit.

And that's the plan: the little cliques that control our parties want their ranks filled with cowardly nonentities. They're not surveiling people's every web post and snapshot to protect you but to shield themselves from anyone who has ever coloured outside the lines.
Rating: +41
But hawt!
Rating: -6
Her racial comments when she was 21 makes her look ignorant but falsifying credentials on her resume makes her look very desperate and shows a lack of respect for voters. She doesn't understand that public perception is crucial in politics so I think the NDP should replace her with a more voter friendly & honest candidate for Burnaby-Lougheed. Welcome to reality, Ms Shin.
Rating: +22
I'll never be able to run for office seeing my original facebook name was tooling for anus
Rating: +18
A different Michael
The amount of bigotry in the comments here is amazing. "Michael" "got a bad vibe" from her because she was tense and didn't smile when she was in front of a crowd of people? Guess what, those are pretty natural reactions to being in front of a crowd of people. I'd be the same way: I'm borderline autistic. "Michael" didn't clap for her? What class that shows! Wouldn't vote for her because of it? An accomplishment right up there with not voting for someone because they're gay. ("Hey, I'm not homophobic or racist, I'm just not voting for that black candidate running for the party I've supported all my life or that gay candidate running for the party I've supported all my life because they give me a 'bad vibe'".)

"Chinkosaurus"? As if all of you criticizing her haven't said similar stuff, particularly when you were that age. The only difference is that you don't have professional muckrakers scrutinizing everything you've ever said. Hypocrites. (And, seriously, if the strongest evidence someone's a "racist" is a single word they wrote 11 years ago, taken out of context, and don't you think the muckrakers would be mentioning the context if it made her look worse, calling someone a "racist" for that reason trivializes real racism experienced by people today.)

She's not lying about where the credential is from so who cares? News flash: there are LOTS of people who are doctors and don't practice medicine, including most of the college professors at UBC and SFU. Is she putting an "M.D." after her name? No. Apparently she's teaching college at VCC, and previously BCIT. Representing a PhD as a credential for teaching at college? What possible relevance could that have? But I'm sure those of you calling her a "fraud" have put far more effort into researching her credentials than BCIT or VCC did.

I'm not a fan of hers (or wasn't.) I'd never heard of her before reading this story. But I'm glad the NDP is standing by her. As a borderline autistic person, I'm very glad the NDP is standing by someone who's being attacked on the basis of sharing some characteristics with us, on however mild a scale. I can't vote for Jane Shin because I'm not in her riding, but this makes me more likely to vote for the NDP candidate in my riding (which was probably going to happen anyway), and to vote for the NDP in future. Good job.
Rating: +8
That's what you get for being in the "Public" spotlight. Tread carefully or you will get screwed over. Looks like Goliath versus David. Don't the Liberals have anything better to do? I wish the media would stop using racist terms in headlines.
Rating: +9
East Burnaby
According to the 2011 Census, the Burnaby-Lougheed riding has a population of 53,315 with about half of the population being Chinese. If her past comments have pissed off the Chinese, she might as well resign now.
Rating: +4
Go Green!
Forget all this NDP & Liberal crap! If the Greens are in power, they will legalize & tax marijuana sales, and MSP will cover eye exams and 'massage therapy'.
Rating: -15
Hey I'mdoomed, LOL

With a name such as 'tooling for anus' you're OK because it's creative and funny, and NOT racist. You get my vote for creativity!
Rating: +13
The "chinkasaurus" caught my eye...but as it turns out, that's relatively benign compared to the use of "doctor". There's no weight to that title for someone with political ambitions with a non-practicing medical degree earned in...wherever it was. But she is ingenious for coming up with such a creative gaming name.
Rating: +19


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