Christy Clark continues with the Margaret Thatcher schtick

Last night, I was amused to see B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark mention Margaret Thatcher during a friendly Q&A with Global TV's Squire Barnes.

I've had a hunch for a while that Clark is trying to model her campaign on some sort of Meryl Streep movie.

A new B.C. Liberal ad (see above) tries to reinforce this point that she's our Iron Lady.

It's clearly designed to win over blue-collar voters in the 250 area code of the province.

Too bad that Clark's former press secretary, Chris Olsen, isn't still on her side to let her know that Thatcher has been out of favour for years.

The man in the photo below also needs to hear that advice.

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It would be pretty funny for a politician to target blue-collar workers by impersonating a woman who spent her career trying to crush and smother blue-collar workers in the UK.

It's also easy to demonstrate, with hard numbers, that both Thatcher and her drooling followers like Reagan, were utterly useless in almost every respect. In retrospect, we can now see that none of them had a clue about economics, fiscal management, or government administration.

But like all hard-right idiots, Christy cares only about deception and perception - because many voters fall for the lies (and seem to enjoy doing so).
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Social Cretin
Y’know what? Back when all those other premiers wanted to sit down and talk about a national plan for energy issues, Christy was standing up for bc with “do-what-I-say-or-i’ll-hold-my-breath-until-i-turn-blue.”

Ask Alison Redford? Oh, right. Using a decoy car to hide from reporters sure showed us how tough Christy is.
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Social Cretin
Just in case a reminder is needed. Here's how Christy "showed" Redford she is a "tough cookie" -- NOT!
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Christy: "I love that shade of lip gloss you're wearing, Steverino."

Harper: "Thanks, Christybunch. We call it "Kissable Konservative". He-he-he."

Christy: "So, are you gonna do something about that tanline around your collar?"

Harper: "Nah. I'm trying to look like a prairie farmer."

Christy: "Cool! Wait'll you see MY tanlines. I look like the prairie farmer's daughter ... if you get what I mean."

Harper: "Oh, Christybunch!"

Christy: "Oh, you Kissable Konservative you!"
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bizarro jerry
Bravo DavidH, your comment made my day
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Love when Squire corrects her when she says she was elected - reminds her she was elected by the Liberal party not the public. She truly has deluded herself beyond belief. Perhaps that is why she is continuing her campaign of deceit without flinching - hallmark of a pathological liar.
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Why is she speaking with Squire Barnes? He covers sports.
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The end is near
For Clark and Harper and the Liberals of course, as Cons find a new leader to take control the way Christie got in and Campbell off to see the queen.
100 million tax dollars on a Fed Action Plan that creates no jobs while government is busy axing and a Provincial Action Plan that does no better. Purpose is to create confidence in voters and make media happy with all those tax dollars and ensure media says only nice things.
It needs to stop unless the NDP and Liberals can enjoy equal free airtime at taxpayers dime.


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Pitooie Politicians
One bungle-up after another and all we keep get is her go-to phrase:

"....but you know what?? I made a mistake and I'm totally responsible"

Then resign already, why don't you! Just like all other politicians, no accountability...just seeking a fat pension and power to line their pockets.
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j. ponder
Squire thinks her hairdo is like Casey's on Mr. Dress-up.
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say what?
Watching parents throwing their arms up in desperation to find the money needed for over crowded schools wanted to make it an election issue. There is a long list but media failed to pick it up until election was over as government says its not going to happen.
Harper and Bloomberg advice citizens don't be a fool and waste your time in school when a trade can get you employed. What do they know? That in Canada and the US education is no longer a necessity as those jobs move else where in the global market place.
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