Video: Katy Perry + Lenny Kravitz + Super Bowl = higher ratings

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      Pro football has a problem.

      Some of its fans are old. Most are male. And if your biggest television extravaganza is going to attract enough eyeballs to satisfy advertisers paying zillions of dollars per 30-second spot, you need to broaden the demographic appeal.

      This, more than anything, explains the appearance of Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz at the halftime show of the Super Bowl.

      Kravitz has routinely ranked highly in the Georgia Straight's survey of musicians that women would like to have sex with.

      So pairing Kravitz with Perry was the perfect recipe to increase female viewership for the big game.

      After all, the NFL had to do something dramatic after several of its players were accused of beating up women.

      It's that simple, folks.