Americans love Adele and can't stand Justin Bieber

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      If a new survey is any indication, the average American loves Adele, has no idea who Skrillex is, and can’t fucking stand that horrid Stratford shitheel Justin Bieber.

      Public Policy Polling asked 571 U.S. citizens across the States to weigh in on high-profile pop stars, getting them to rate chart-toppers on a likeability scale. Once considered the most squeaky clean teen idol sensation this side of Donny Osmond, Bieber didn’t fare well, as 54 percent of those polled gave him the thumbs down, with 20 percent dubbing him likeable. Evidently you can’t show up three hours late for concerts, bolt offstage before shows are over, and suggest that Anne Frank would have been a “Belieber” without making folks want to punch out your lights.

      High-profile woman-beater Chris Brown was viewed negatively by 57 percent of respondents versus 13 percent positive, while his former punching bag Rihanna was dubbed unlikable by 39 percent of those sampled, and likable by 30 percent.

      On the positive side of things, Adele was liked by 54 percent of folks polled versus 18 percent who see her as being like Freddy Krueger scraped across a chalkboard. Platinum-selling floozy Taylor scored 53 percent for and 24 percent against, while Beyonce was like by 51 percent and disliked by 30 percent.

      The poll also found that most people had no idea who Skrillex is.

      One possible explaination for that might have been that most of those contacted rated classical, jazz, and country as being over 70 percent likeable. Classical scored the best with a 77 percent thumbs up. Rap fared the worst with 19 percent claiming to like it, and 68 percent describing it as the worst thing this side of that rude little shitheel from Stratford.


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      May 13, 2013 at 3:20pm

      I'm not a "Belieber", but please get your facts straight. The "shitheel" expressed the hope that Anne Frank WOULD HAVE BEEN a "Belieber" ... after stating that he was inspired by her story.

      Because Mike Usinger is obviously slow and dimwitted, let me put it another way: The "shitheel" liked Anne Frank, and hoped that she would have liked him. Duh. How terrible, eh?

      Good to see that more and more people are recognizing "rap" for what it is though. Stupid people write it, druggies record it, and morons think it's cool. Duh.

      My hope is that the Conservative Government will declare rap to be illegal, and send the perps to a Gitmo-style facility in the Arctic. Without mittens.