Video: Take a honeymoon in Vancouver in 1960

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      Getting married soon and don't know where to take your honeymoon? Why don't you consider hopping in the ol' time machine to 1960?

      Last week, we took a wondrous bike ride through Vancouver in mid-1970s. Now it's time to look back at the heady year of 1960, an idyllic time to vacation on the West Coast.

      Take a quiet woodland walk through Stanley Park! Admire the glamourous luxury liners! Get mad when your girlfriend catches an 80-pound salmon!

      Interestingly, apart from the cars, clothes, and skyline,  Vancouver 1960 is pretty much identical to Vancouver 2013.

      "A forest of sea and sand combine in a kaleidoscope of dreams and friendly people," intones the soothing voiceover.

      Okay, maybe one thing has changed.

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