Videos: Chris Hadfield's best moments in space

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      Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut–turned–Internet superstar, returned to Earth Monday (May 13) after five months aboard the International Space Station.

      Sadly, this brings to an end his series of entertaining and educational videos about life in space. We are, however, left with a rich archive, thanks to the Canadian Space Agency’s YouTube page.

      Here’s a selection of Hadfield’s best clips.

      Without gravity and daily exercise such as walking, astronauts need to work out for about two hours every day to keep their muscles and bones healthy. While strapped in, Hadfield runs on a treadmill and works his muscles.

      Exercise on the ISS.

      Along with hours of working and exercising in space, it is also necessary to sleep. Because zero gravity prevents space-station residents from lying down in a bed, the secret is in the wall-mounted sleep stations equipped with sleeping bags.

      Sleeping in Space.

      Tears don’t work the same way in space. The drops that come out of your eyes just float in a strange shape on your face until they get inside your nose or you dry them off.

      Tears in Space (Don't Fall).

      If you cut your fingernails in space the way you do on Earth, they will float and get in your eyes and nose and cause problems. The best way, Hadfield found, is to cut them close to an air-duct intake and let the clippings get sucked in.

      Nail Clipping in Space.


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      Elizabeth Tosetti

      May 15, 2013 at 12:49pm

      .Great article

      Marcel Chaves

      May 15, 2013 at 2:30pm

      Thank you Elizabeth. For me is really nice to see a Canadian astronaut making history.