30 Seconds to Mars is more than a crappy band

There are many perks to being a celebrity, including (but hardly limited to) fat paycheques, VIP treatment at all restaurants, and never having to fly with the common rabble on long-haul domestic flights. The best thing of all though is the drugs. 

When you are rich and famous, you don't have to settle for Hastings and Main coke that's been cut with baking soda, horse laxatives, and unwashed dirt: you have a pipeline to the good shit. 

All this brings us to one Jared Leto. Far be it from us to suggest that the actor-cum-rockstar is not only on something, but on something good. Actually, let's go ahead and make that case, because it at least explains some of his delusional tendencies.

Right from the point he first decided to make the move from Hollywood actor to alternative musician, Leto has been somewhat confused. Somewhere along the line, he became unable to process the fact that people are primarily interested in his band 30 Second to Mars because the group has "that guy from Camp Wilder in it".

(On a side note, Leto doesn't seem to like having his acting brought up during his 30 Seconds to Mars dealings. In a late-'90s face-to-face interview with the band, a Straight freelancer casually brought up his former role on the show My So-Called Life. After going apeshit and declaring the interview over, the actor sent his brother and 30 Seconds bandmate Shannon Leto out on the street to demand the recording of the interview be destroyed.)

Leto's latest out-there statement? In a new interview with MTV for 30 Seconds to Mars' latest album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams, the singer-guitarist stated that he's not fronting a band, but instead an "art project". You know, like the Velvet Underground. Or Dogstar. 

"We've always thought about 30 Seconds To Mars not just as a band but an art project," Leto said. "A place where we would make music, we would make books, we would make art in general, short films, documentaries."

The bad news about all of this is that we're guaranteed much more than just music from 30 Second to Mars in the years to come. The good news? Evidently, based on Leto's musings, the world is still full of good drugs. Take a hit of your favourite mind-altering substance, and check out the video below for the band's new single, "Up in the Air" featuring Dita Von Teese.

It's eight minutes long because, well, when you are making art, you can get away with that sort of shit.

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Mars Angel
You seriously have issues and no understanding about art & creativity. Listen to the album its better than some of the shit thats out there today. Bet your a Beleiber arent you.
Rating: +6
Cristina M
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, can't stop laughing... It's obvious you don't know anything about Thirty Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Maybe next time you decide (or better said, someone will tell you) to write something about an unknown topic, please don't waste your (and OUR) time and better forget :D

Rating: +3
I'm curious about your credentials. What exactly is it that qualifies you to be a music critic, other than a douchebag attitude and snarky comments that would be better appreciated maybe in a high school jock clique? 30STM has been putting out music that is hands down better than 80% of the bullshit that has been around for the last 10 years. You, sir, are a fucking tool.
Rating: +17
30 seconds to Mars is a crap band that does commercial shit, calling it an art project isn't even funny.
Rating: +2
Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin
No, he's absolutely right. 30 Seconds to Mars are dogshit, and would be playing toilet venues in the arse-end of nowhere if Jared Leto wasn't A: already famous and B: capable of making stupid teenage girls' knickers wet.
Rating: +8
Ed Sullivan Show
Thirty Seconds to Mars are a horrible, horrible band that record soviet-grade pretentious Rick Wakeman wank.
Rating: +2
Jason Windsor
It's disappointing when watching Jared Leto's fine film work to ponder his embarrassingly tedious pop/alt music catalogue. It would be a different matter entirely if his band was an escape; a money making venture that would afford him to continue participating in low budget films—however, putting forth self aggrandizing pretenses— like that of 30 seconds to Mars being an "art project," it seems, is to invite obvious criticisms... & laughter as well. One couldn't imagine Leto making such middle of the road radio fodder his form of art, not when he has quality performances in films such as, Lord of War, Requiem for a Dream, Panic Room, Ch. 27, & more recently, Dallas Buyers Club. It's an unrewarding exercise to consider to what degree Jared Leto's music career detracts from his film career, so I make an imploring request: Mr. Leto, please stop making music. Or at least stop releasing it. Or talking about it. If you absolutely must, record it privately & listen to it privately, so you can remind yourself how multifaceted an artist you are.
Rating: +4
A Patel
Seriously? Jared Leto's short films are amazing! It seems that you have an unfounded opinion of 30 Seconds to Mars. Perhaps you're one of those people that prefer meaningless pop songs and can't even hear a good song when it slaps them in the face. I don't understand how songs like Attack, This is War can be horrible songs there is just no way that they're bad!
Rating: -7
This band is pretty lame, but to be fair there is much worse popular music around.
Rating: -2
MR Cool Mug
A Patel, This is war is an okay song...but unfortunately most of their music is over exaggerated melo dramatic twaddle. They sing about the anguish of...emotions in general? They perpetuate this awful music, which, could be called Emo music i suppose? Its over done, and its all about shouting, there is no subtelty to the music or the singing or the words being sung. I know im gonna get slammed by all the skinny jeaned, quick to judge, overly dramatic, bang haired types out there...but the truth is, this music cant really speak to you, in that these guys are in their 40s!!!! They know nothing about the torment of being a teenager! not like the majority of their listeners...these people are passed it, but they waltz around as if they were pretentious teens who think they know it all. The problem is they are worse than that, they are pretentious middle agers who think they know it all...but apparentely, they have aquired no wisdom in their lifetimes, Leto, get back into movies.
Rating: -2
Michael Cherry
Jared Leto is a very beautiful man who really should just to making movies.He has a great CV , but his music is unexceptional, earnest, morose,
wank rock.He is very talented but he needs to be told that music is not his strong point.
Rating: +2
Sanjali Shakya
I feel sorry for you. 30 seconds to mars is an amazing band. You're a directionar or belieber. Aren't you??
Rating: 0
I'm not a teenager,
Mr cool mug, whilst I do agree with your comment regarding the over production and poor linguistic value of a majority of 30stm repertoire, personally preferring their earlier contributions. I do draw your attention to the fact that 40 is not the new dead! We have been on the planet some time granted, but we were teenagers once, albeit a long time ago this does not mean our emotional range has declined. And just FYI I'm young enough to appreciate a lot of current musical styling's but old enough to have seen all the cool bands! The Cure, Bowie, Police, Green Day, ALL OVER 40.
Rating: +1
I think that some people really don't understand this band. Their music focuses on faith and the human race in general. Their songs really can touch so many people's heart. This is why i love this band because you cam really connect to the lyrics , They're a totally different rock band that does different type of music and totally rock it. Furthermore 30STM is really greatfull with their fans or how they said " we're a family" and ca their fans ECHELON.
Rating: -1
I think a lot of people just misinterpret 30STM if you can't connect with their songs you'll find them lame; However those that do understand the band's form of writting the songs, understand and connect with the songs.
Rating: 0
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