Taiwanese animators take on Rob Ford crack smoking allegations

As usual, it is glorious.

I can't quite decide what's makes me laugh the hardest: when the animated Rob Ford throws a beer bottle at a child or the partying with a beaver, a Mountie, and a Toronto Maple Leaf.

One thing's for sure: the video is entirely correct in its assessment that if Ford's "smoking, drinking, fighting, bad driving, and colorful racial comments didn't bother Toronto voters, crack smoking probably won't either."

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With Envy
I guess it's not just us here in BC that are electing idiots to represent us....the stupidity runs coast-to-coast in Canada. Toronto, by voting in Rob Ford though, may just have outdone us. Well done!!

Great spot-on accurate portrayal to expose the daily everyday life of the man too...yeehaaa!
Rating: -3
like good old rob said. if you do not belive me just ask the hooker i was with at the time.
Rating: -7
Hi :)
Maybe it was DMT
Rating: +7
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