The Real Housewives of Vancouver will not return for third season

The cat-fighting and backstabbing has been put on hold. The Real Housewives of Vancouver will not be returning to Slice TV for a third season.

“After two successful seasons of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, Shaw Media will be putting production of a third season on hold while we sample new programming on Slice,” Barbara Williams, senior vice president of content for Shaw Media confirmed today (June 5). “Slice will remain the exclusive home of The Real Housewives franchise and it continues to be an important part of our schedule.”

The Real Housewives is a reality television series that follows affluent women in various cities across North America. The series began in 2006 with The Real Housewives of Orange County, and has since expanded to include shows set in New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, and Miami.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver is the first show to take place in Canada. The first season premiered in April 2012 and featured Jody Claman, Christina Kiesel, Ronnie Negus, Reiko MacKenzie, and Mary Zilba. Season 2, which aired in 2013, saw Claman, Negus, and Zilba return and Amanda Hansen, Robin Reichman, and Ioulia Reynolds added to the cast.

Will you miss the Real Housewives of Vancouver?

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Blame the enormously unappealing additions to the second season. Ioulia, Amanda were complete bores.
Rating: +47
Oh, vapid vulgarians, we hardly knew ye.
Rating: +54
I've never watched the show but wouldn't a real representation of real Vancouver housewives- if the above pic is true to the show's cast- include at least a token non-white woman, based on Vancouver's demographics?
Rating: +46
Christina B
To not have to see Mary Zilba parade her crazy around - VERY VERY VERY GLAD!
Rating: -205
@ Da Silva
What did you do wrong in order to write this article? Ha ha.
Rating: +17
Problem is Vancouver is multicultural so if you want bigger ratings in BC (which I presume is the reason the show is getting axed), you need more diversity so more people can relate to the cast members.
Rating: +22
Alan Layton
I looked in on the show during the first year (once), just to see what Vancouver had to offer. They all looked like they had been beaten up pretty bad. I guess it was the last minute facial surgery that gave them that blunt force trauma injury look. Good riddance.
Rating: +56
I have never seen a more self serving, vapid, spiteful and unappealing gaggle of grouse in my entire life. It was like a bad drag show full of contorted, frozen faces and dreadful outfits. Each one of them lacked a redeeming quality, except for Ioulia who actually said to everyone that they were entirely ridiculous when indeed they were.
Rating: +137
FYI Rolf
Ratings? -- Oh Lord you must have been doing something tasteful and constructive with your spare time if you thought that.

The premier episode this season broke the record for highest audience ratings by a Canadian produced cable show ever. Ergo it IS big news and why GS is reporting it.

It seemed a very short season (10 instead of 14) and the animosity among the cast was palatable and a little cringe-inducing towards the end, which made it a whole lot less fun to watch.

Not a surprising announcement.
Rating: +7
They must have run out of fake story ideas.

PS - I heard Jody Claman’s husband is divorcing her sorry ass. What’s that, 4 divorces? What a beautiful person she is.

Loula is the only real one on the show.
Rating: +184
I'm surprised it made it past a pitch on a desk, let alone two full seasons. *cringe*
Rating: +15
reality bites
...a reality television series, you say? Too bad this written piece of uhh, work, took the space of real content. I want my 2 minutes back.
Rating: -10
I actually feel a tiny bit bad for them, not that I ever watched their show - it was on at the gym once.

The show is not about typical people, but people who live rich lives and we are supposed to enjoy their decadence or something.

I can't judge these Housewives because of a show. If you've ever done (or for that matter read about) reality TV, it is just as contrived as the scripted kind. Everyone was cast because the producers wanted a certain (and heightened) attitude to the ensemble. Conversations are reshot regularly, for angles or pacing. Then it's all edited.

You don't know who these people are, really, other than that they are rich. And some rich people are ok; quite a few of em will ante up for big ticket charity fundraisers and whatnot. That doesn't rehabilitate the excesses of capitalism or anything, but it's something to consider.
Rating: -9
I think Ronnie is the only wealthy one. If Mary were rich why was she looking for a millionaire ? Each one of the women had interesting qualities.
Maybe they are nice or maybe they are catty and mean. Who really knows. I have met a couple of their friends and they are NOT nice people.
Rating: +15
IOU-lia is apparently broke,after leaving the man she "loved".
Rating: +18
I'll miss it for Mary and I'm so sad that we won't get to see that witch, Jody get her comeuppance, but reading her husband filed for divorce makes this a bit easier to swallow.

Stay blessed Mary Zilba! She was always head and shoulders above these trailer trash wannabes anyway (Robin,Christina and Reiko too, they're all sweethearts)
Rating: +237
hasta la vista, trailer trash skank tv.
Rating: +21
Some of the meanest women in the entire franchise, and sadly - I watch most of the RHO (insert city name). I liked the same four women as G (above). The others made me ashamed that they are Canadian.
Rating: +76
Not surprised at all. This last season was way too negative with the bullying displayed by Jody Claman. I figured slice would have cut her and her daughter loose after their fake hermes scandal and mias ripoff clothing line of blaque label during season 1. I am delighted to hear that her husband is divorcing her, her clothing store has closed, and none of her former castmates other than amanda are talking to her..Karmas a bitch, just like you jody.
Rating: +282
Oh Right
@ Lily
Ronnie, Mary and Robin are all from the States.
Rating: +24


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