Angry parent confronts transgender teen: What Would You Do?

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      If you witnessed a parent berating his or her transgender teenager in public, how would you react?

      That's what the program Primetime: What Would You Do? asked.

      The ABC series, hosted by John Quiñones, stages scenarios of conflict performed by actors in real-life contexts. But what bystanders don't realize is that what they're witnessing is not real. Nor are they aware that they're secretly being filmed.

      The footage exposes how people react with or without compassion towards others who are caught in vulnerable or emotional situations.

      The show regularly tackles issues concerning race, gender, sexual and gender identity, abuse, moral dilemmas, and more.

      On the May 31 episode, the cameras revealed what happened when a young actor portrayed a teenager, transitioning from male to female, who wanted to buy a prom dress. His mother was supportive but his father wasn't and angrily confronted him in public.

      Watch the video below to see how other customers respond to the tension. How do you predict they will react?

      Previous LGBT issues the show has addressed include children of gay parents being bullied, gay athletes in team sports, and a transgender server verbally harassed by a diner patron.

      Here's a previous episode in which lesbian parents are criticized and refused service by a homophobic server at a Texas diner. The reactions of fellow diners may surprise you.


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      Ross Gibson

      Jun 13, 2013 at 5:27pm

      This is trash tv at is worst. Get a life people!