If Justin Bieber burps, will we all hear about it?

U.S. media outlets have been going into overdrive over Justin Bieber's potty-mouthed outburst against former president Bill Clinton.

In the latest installment, New York magazine writer Dan Amira came up with five theories to explain the 19-year-old Canadian pop star's reason for screaming "Fuck Bill Clinton".

It's a rather amusing list:

• Bieber is jealous that Clinton has been spending time with his mentor, Usher. (In fact, Usher even ripped his pants in front of his friend from Arkansas.)

• Bieber is buddies with Barack Obama, and is sticking up for his friend who has been undermined by Clinton on Syria.

• It's cool to for "young, ridiculous celebrities" to diss U.S. presidents.

• Bieber opposes NAFTA, which Clinton implemented.

• Clinton's photo was on the wall when Bieber went berserk—and if the photo had been of anyone else, that person would have been on the receiving end of an expletive.

I could write five theories about why media outlets are focusing so much attention on Bieber's antics, but I suspect that the only real answer is that the pop star has nearly 42 million followers on Twitter.

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Well, I'm sure the Straight would publish it, after all, you people publish articles on Rob Ford every time he takes a shit.
Rating: +7
I'll probably hear about it in the Straight first. Like it or not, you guys are just as guilty of celebrity worship as People magazine.
Rating: +1
This whole thing is crazy... He did not mean anything towards Bill Clinton.. Bill Clinton's photo happened to be there and he was acting Goofy. If the picture had instead been donald duck he would jhave squirted it anyway and said "Fuck Donald Duck" people are looking way to in to this... was no one ever 19 before?
Rating: +2
Justin, you are going to end up like Cory Montheith if you're not careful. Where is your mother when you fesperately need her!
Rating: +4
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