Nicolas Winding Refn confirms unlikely Maniac Cop remake

If you were among those of us who said "What in the fucking fuck?" when you heard that vaguely arty and ridiculously monikered filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn had teamed with dirtbag sleaze auteur William Lustig to remake Maniac Cop—well, it's still happening.

In an update posted at, Refn says a new version of Lustig's fine 1988 slasher—in which the great Robert Z'dar plays an undead cop who goes around being a total fucking maniac—is "something that we’re very much prioritizing now that I’m coming to the end of this film."

The film he's referring to when Refn say "this film" is Only God Forgives, the ultraviolent (but arty) epic starring Ryan Gosling that the Danish director unveiled to howls of disapproval at Cannes this year—meaning that it's probably great. You can catch Only God Forgives when it opens at the Rio Theatre, on Friday (July 19).

William Lustig is probably best known for the utterly vile Maniac (1980), although he began his career with gentler '70s fare such as The Violation of Claudia

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Ron Y
He should do Cannibal Holocaust after that
Rating: -3
Dougie Snit
Is it true that Nicolas Winding Refn has optioned the classic Danish book 'Pondus the Penguin', by Ivor Myrhoj?
Rating: +4
Adrian Mack
Thanks for you question, Dougie. As it happens, the rights to Pondus eventually went to Lars Von Trier after a long and ugly public battle between the two Danish auteurs, including a bare knuckle fist fight at the Copenhagen Opera House and accusations of child abuse. I believe Thomas Vinterberg is making a film about the whole affair.
Rating: +10
Martin Dunphy
With original music by Longan Winding Roald.
Rating: +11
Chris Houston
Are they actually going to do this remake or is it just a rumour and I they are doing it when is the estimated release date?
Rating: +8
i kind want an update rather see a cohen, and lustig part 4
Rating: -2
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