Vancouver's trans march comes as equal-rights bill hits wall

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      On Friday (August 2), you can add your voice to the fight for trans rights by joining the annual Trans and Genderqueer Liberation and Celebration March.

      Last year, this highly political protest began at Emery Barnes Park in the West End.

      But this year, it's been moved to Clark Park on the East Side, beginning at 5:30 p.m. From there, the route moves down Commercial Drive before ending with speeches and a party at Victoria Park.

      It comes just after the Straight reported that another equal-rights bill for trans people has run into trouble in Ottawa.

      Liberal senator Mobina Jaffer said earlier this week that a Conservative amendment in the upper house means the bill will likely go back before Parliament.

      Bill C-279 aims to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to outlaw discrimination against gender identity and gender expression.