Justin Timberlake left Vancouver his used Legends of the Summer sneakers in Stanley Park

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      Ah, the sweet scent of a rock star’s used sneakers. Two hours dancing in the sizzling blaze of industrial lighting surrounded by 40,000 fans makes for one memorable concert trinket.

      A lucky Vancouver couple is presumably savoring just such a souvenir—the footwear of Justin Timberlake, to be exact.

      The photo above was posted on the former Mouseketeer’s Instagram feed Thursday evening (August 1).

      “Awesome show last night Vancouver!” reads the message alongside it. “Come and get 'em #finderskeepers #Vancouver #LOTS #wornbyJT”

      Timberlake recently passed through Vancouver for the July 31 stop of the Legends of the Summer tour for which he’s sharing the stage with Jay Z.

      After the odd couples' 300 or so tour buses pulled out of town, a pair of Air Jordans “#wornbyJT” were apparently left behind in Stanley Park.

      According to comments posted in response to the Instgram pics, the sneakers didn’t remain with the totem poles for very long. And soon enough, photos of the red Nikes popped up in the Instagram feeds of their proud new owners.

      Congratulations @e_bolton  and @10mikeyg10. Judging by the latter’s public displays of affection for footwear, JT’s kicks have found themselves a loving new home.

      Justin Timberlake


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      Aug 4, 2013 at 12:09pm

      Seriously, our society is screwed up. Why do people hero worship some dude to the point of giving a damn about his smelly old sneakers??? Please, somebody explain it to me.