49th Parallel moving into Kits Coffee Co. location with Lucky’s Doughnuts

Last month, Kits Coffee Co. (2198 West 4th Avenue) closed down after 17 years in business. Now we know who the location’s new tenant will be.

Early next year, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters is going to be leaving its narrow café at 2152 West 4th Avenue and moving into the larger spot just up the street, at the corner of Yew Street. Co-owner Vince Piccolo tweeted about the move, which will also give 49th Parallel side project Lucky’s Doughnuts a presence in Kitsilano, on Friday (October 19).

It sounds like Piccolo had some fun breaking the news to his staff.

In June, 49th Parallel opened its second café, featuring Lucky’s Doughnuts, at 2902 Main Street. Georgia Straight readers voted the Burnaby-based company the best coffee shop (independent) in this year’s Best of Vancouver awards.

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Deanna D
I love 49th parallel Espresso. it is unreal yummy. This from a non coffee drinker, am only able to tolerate espresso, caffiene roasted out thingy...anyway staying around is a good thing. Thank you.

Rating: -3
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