Forget the foam twerk finger: get your craft on and make your own Daft Punk or DeadMau5 headgear

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      No surprise to find Miley Cyrus's trick-or-twerk outfit on Yahoo's list of most-searched costumes this week. At last check her VMA teddy bear one-piece and even the comparitively matronly Baretard T-shirt version were sold out on, a sure sign of the impending apocalypse.

      (The foam twerk finger however was still selling for a cool $9.95.)

      But back to the most-searched list: as far as musically minded costumes, we were much more pleasantly shocked to find Daft Punk's Vaderish helmets on the top 10. Got 48 hours, a hundred bucks, a glue gun, and one of those chrome novelty motorcycle helmets? We found a video (attached here) that shows you how to make your own version of Thomas's prized headgear.

      Want to get even craftier? Crank up the electro beats and check out this site that shows you how to make your own Deadmau5 head with simple balsa wood, felt, and a few other supplies.

      No foam twerk finger required, but we're thinking you could rip one up and use it to stuff those ears.