Students, please sleep when you're not on the bus

Dear any student who takes transit,

I'm a little worried about some of you, as it doesn't seem as if you're getting enough sleep these days.

Today on my morning commute, I counted at least three sleeping students, including the man seated next to me, who kept nodding off and leaning on me. A sleepy student across the aisle practically had her head on the shoulder of the rider next to her.

Now, you may not realize this considering you are fast asleepbut when you take up other people's personal space, it's incredibly rude. Also I don't like people drooling on me, call it a weird personal preference.

As the days get shorter, so do tempers—I'm not going to apologize for elbowing you when you decide to nap on me, nor should anyone else. So on behalf of myself, my fellow wide-awake riders, and your potentially bruised ribs, would you please go to bed early tonight?

It's eight or nine weeks into the semester; you should have adapted to your class schedules by now. There is no reason for you to be napping on your fellow bus riders anymore. I don't know why you're staying up so late, but stop. Stop staying up till the wee hours cramming for your exams. No more late-night video-game sessions. Try not to party too hard on weeknights.

And try to get some quality sleep. Drinking caffeine and alcohol interfere with your natural sleep cycle, as does smoking, so try to avoid those in the hours before you hit the hay. Don't pass out with your TV blaring or your computer in your lap. Always go to bed around the same time.

A multitude of studies show that getting enough sleep is critical to postsecondary academic success, which means you need to sleep at least six hours and probably more like seven or eight. And that's every night; you can't make up the hours on the weekends.

A lack of sleep often leads to irritability, weight gain, and more frequent illnesses, so it's in everybody's best interest for you to just go the fuck to bed.

Also, naps are your friend. Just stop taking them on me.

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Michael Bourque
I guess you have to be homeless in this cold hearted burg to get any compassion.
Rating: +576
Miranda Nelson
I have compassion: I worry and want them to sleep in their own beds and get enough rest to be fully functional human beings.

Also, I was homeless this year. No one gave me any extra compassion then. And I also didn't sleep on strangers on the bus.
Rating: -1206
U ever been a uni student before?
Rating: +688
Miranda Nelson
Yes, I have. I have a degree and everything.

When I didn't get enough sleep, my grades suffered, I got sick a lot, and sometimes fell asleep in class. Which is why I find it important to sleep more.

Just... not on the bus.
Rating: -1000
The freedom, the license, the unconcerned ability to sleep does say something flattering about the safety or perceived safety of the Vancouver transist system, whatever its failings.

I myself, on the rare occasion when it is too icy to bike, am wide awake, clutching supports against the motion and to defend my position nearest to the doorway where welcoming draughts of non-tubercular air might conceivably come my way.
Rating: +124
I'm disappointed by this revelation. There are students who actually fall asleep on a train or bus?

So, what about their Twitter feeds and Facebook accounts during this shocking downtime? Is Janet's description and photo of her McMuffin no longer important? Bob's bowel movement manifesto is ignored by snoring students? What is happening in the world, for heaven's sake?

According to the stock market, Twitter is worth something like $31 billion today. How can that real value be sustained if people doze off and drool when they should be tweeting?
Rating: +106
Is this news??? Why are you printing the opinion of a cold, uncaring woman who can't even empathize with students on a long, boring commute to school? This article is a joke. Miranda, you are the a-typical passive aggressive Vancouverite, who would rather PRINT A NEWS ARTICLE about something that irritates you, instead of politely engaging a person and expressing your point of view. SMDH
Rating: +913
Personal space? Personal preferences? You're taking public transit. All those elements fly out the window when you step through the bus door. If you want to be comfortable while traveling, unfortunately, that means paying for a car, license, insurance, gas, and parking. For some people, that means unaffordable. For others, that's a reason to work harder to guarantee some comfort.
Rating: +586
Miranda, it would seem that 98% of your life stress would be alleviated if you didn't take transit.
Rating: +656
Nicholas Ellan
I love sleeping on the bus, and I also love people who do it. Let's be honest here - it is the the cutest thing EVER. It doesn't matter who you are. Everyone is automatically more loveable when they are asleep on a bus.

If I had my way, the back of every B-Line was a non-stop slumber party, complete with pillows and blankets. Bus-drivers could hand out slippers as you board. It'd be like the plane, but with way more legroom.
Rating: +657
Miranda Nelson
Okay, that WOULD be fun.
Rating: -478
Dan Udey
What did the man next to you say when you asked him to please stop falling asleep on your shoulder? I assume he continued doing it? That seems pretty rude indeed!
Rating: -51
Miranda Nelson
Funny thing, he couldn't hear me since he had headphones in. So I elbowed his arm.

He continued to nod off. I feel bad for him. Obviously staying up too late. He'd feel much better with a restful night's sleep.
Rating: -616
Sarah B
I fall asleep on the bus. Always. Students are never not tired. This is maybe supposed to be funny?
Rating: +183
Sleepy Student Supporter
I teach university and most of my students aren't staying up all night playing video games or on twitter all the time, they are holding down jobs, fulfilling family responsibilities and juggling a full course load. Perhaps instead of immediately coming to the conclusion that young people today are lazy you could pause and consider that young people today are exhausted from trying to balance all these things while facing the dismal realities of unemployment, high tuition, and low wages.
Rating: +1724
Wow. The selfishness of some of these commenters. Hey. I'm a 300lb 6ft4 man, and for some reason I mind myself when I'm on the bus, and if I snooze, I do so up againt a window, not on the person next to me.

Why is this so hard for some of you kids to understand that this is the point of the article. Would you like me to sit in your lap on the bus ride home? Or let me kid climb all over you when we're on the bus together?

Some personal accountability kids. Just wake the fuck up, or sleep against the window. Just stop touching the rest of us.
Rating: -521
cranky mom
I would be concerned that you will get robbed.
Rating: +47
Translation: Hi, I like to pretend that I know everything about everyone. I wasn't that busy in university, I had a short commute, I was able to get good sleep at home, therefore everyone everywhere must be. People commuting all from Port Coquitlam or White Rock or Langley to school? INCONCEIVABLE! They must be lazy or something! And students also totally don't have things like homework or studying or jobs to do, nooooo, it all has to be 'lazy' things like the internet or video games. Which they of course don't deserve at all, because they're students and students don't deserve leisure time.

I hope I fall asleep on the bus next to you someday so that, when you rudely wake me up, I can give you the what-for you deserve.
Rating: +677
wow, good thing we have Miranda to tackle such a pressing social issue. here i was worried about global warming. Thanks for pointing out what is really important. Also, to any students having trouble falling asleep, i suggest you read Ms Nelson's writing. Definitely put me to sleep
Rating: +438
Miranda Nelson
That's a lie. You're awake enough to post a comment.
Rating: -693


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