Students, please sleep when you're not on the bus

Dear any student who takes transit,

I'm a little worried about some of you, as it doesn't seem as if you're getting enough sleep these days.

Today on my morning commute, I counted at least three sleeping students, including the man seated next to me, who kept nodding off and leaning on me. A sleepy student across the aisle practically had her head on the shoulder of the rider next to her.

Now, you may not realize this considering you are fast asleepbut when you take up other people's personal space, it's incredibly rude. Also I don't like people drooling on me, call it a weird personal preference.

As the days get shorter, so do tempers—I'm not going to apologize for elbowing you when you decide to nap on me, nor should anyone else. So on behalf of myself, my fellow wide-awake riders, and your potentially bruised ribs, would you please go to bed early tonight?

It's eight or nine weeks into the semester; you should have adapted to your class schedules by now. There is no reason for you to be napping on your fellow bus riders anymore. I don't know why you're staying up so late, but stop. Stop staying up till the wee hours cramming for your exams. No more late-night video-game sessions. Try not to party too hard on weeknights.

And try to get some quality sleep. Drinking caffeine and alcohol interfere with your natural sleep cycle, as does smoking, so try to avoid those in the hours before you hit the hay. Don't pass out with your TV blaring or your computer in your lap. Always go to bed around the same time.

A multitude of studies show that getting enough sleep is critical to postsecondary academic success, which means you need to sleep at least six hours and probably more like seven or eight. And that's every night; you can't make up the hours on the weekends.

A lack of sleep often leads to irritability, weight gain, and more frequent illnesses, so it's in everybody's best interest for you to just go the fuck to bed.

Also, naps are your friend. Just stop taking them on me.

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The only problem with students on transit are the giant goddamn backpacks they never fucking take off.
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How can you publish a letter like this?
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Miranda Nelson
1) This is not a letter. It's a blog post.

2) I work here. I get to publish what I want.
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Try to be more like this guy and remember he's a New Yorker and Vancouverites are actually supposed to be nicer than them:

If you just can't be nice, there's always an option to actually talk to people instead of intending to bruise their ribs next time. Also, next time if you bruised someone's rib, don't try to justify your maltreatment by pretending that everyone would do that because you know what? They don't; not everyone as cold-hearted as you are.

Also, people would consider your "articles" more thoughtful if you tried more not to judge people and be a little bit more objective ....
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Miranda Nelson
1) This is not an article. It's a blog post.

2) Maybe, just maybe, I was being hyperbolic when I made the rib comment.
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As a former Vancouver commuter, I agree that it is annoying to get used as a pillow by fellow commuters. It's disrespectful of personal space.

Having said that, we don't know the circumstances of the students who are sleeping. During my undergrad, I worked 40 hours per week while in school to pay for my tuition and living expenses; commuting between work and school was exhausting. Staying up studying until 3 am after getting home from evening classes at 11am was exhausting. Being able to use the 50+ minute bus ride to doze off before class was great! Although I used my backpack as a pillow.

People do need to be aware of their personal surroundings, but as my experience shows, a person dozing off on the bus isn't necessarily out of lack of responsibility. It's a class issue too.
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Dean Phelps
Sounds like the writer hates with it and quit being a baby. There are plenty worse things going on out there, and here you are being a baby. Seriously, you're being a baby.


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bus meditator
I say get that little power nap in if you can, when you can. School, work and life are stressful. Not everyone has a good night sleep. People have anxiety and sleep disorders and are friggin busy. I always put my music on, close my eyes and meditate on the bus to drown out the sometimes over stimulation that comes from taking the bus. I am mindful of my space though. It is public transit so anyone can do what they want. Sleeping people is the least of the worries on the bus. Maybe you should get a car since you are so grumpy and irritated by the inconvenience of tired stressed out people who just need a moment to close there eyes. Or maybe take up yoga and chill the fuck out.
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That was an annoying rant! I get 8 hours of sleep a night, exercise, eat healthily and....fall asleep on the bus! The motion puts me to sleep! I also fall asleep in cars, trains and planes.

You know nothing about the people you're complaining about. Maybe you should just sit beside people who look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or, if you have so much energy from sleeping all night, you could stand and avoid the sleepers!

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Sad and useless lumps of shit. WTF

With transit every two minutes, walking 10 minutes to your destination is so passay. Hop on the loser cruiser and let drivers pay, instead.
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When I was an undergrad, I spent 4hrs (or more) on transit each day getting to and from school and work. It's pretty difficult to get the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep every night when you're waking up at 6am and not getting back from work until 11pm. It's a lot easier to judge people who are dozing off when you've have the luxury of a good night's rest.

I whole-heartedly agree about the falling asleep on other people part. I get quite anxious when my personal space is invaded. But if you have a window seat and the person next to you can't keep their head up, why not offer to switch seats so they can rest their head and not on you. If someone is nodding off and can't hear you, why not tap them on the shoulder gently instead of elbowing them in the side..?

As "rude" as you think the person falling asleep next to you may be, what makes you think it's acceptable for you to be rude to them? Maybe you should spend some time reflecting on your "short-tempered" actions, Miranda, before chastising your fellow transit-riders for sneaking in a few z's on a potentially long commute.
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You know why some parents will sometimes take their babies for a car ride with no particular destination? It's because the motion of the car lulls them to sleep. It's the same on a bus. I've seen countless people (and I say people because these are not just students) sleep on transit and I have yet to see someone drool on someone. Let 'em sleep!
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Will you f*ck off? Some of us are juggling school, a job, as well as many other things. Now, while I do agree people shouldn't be leaning on others they don't know. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping on the bus.
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I feel very bothered by one statement you made.

"I don't know why you're staying up so late, but stop. Stop staying up till the wee hours cramming for your exams. No more late-night video-game sessions. Try not to party too hard on weeknights."

I have been to colleges and universities. I have ALWAYS had a problem with being over fatigued. It doesn't matter the amount of sleep I get, when I go to bed or what my lifestyle is. I've seen many doctors and naturopaths about it. I would still fall asleep in class and be generally tired. I'm just not a morning person, and unfortunately when you are going to school, you can't always pick when you want to go.

For you to assume that because someone is sleeping on the bus that they went to bed late because they were playing video games is wrong. You are publicly JUDGING. and that won't play out very well for you. Also, if someone is staying up till the "wee hours" studying for an exam, consider this: Maybe they have kids? maybe they work 1 or 2 or 3 jobs even? MAYBE the only time they have to study is late at night.

I agree that when you begin to encroach on people's space it Is rude. however, sleeping on the bus if you aren't disturbing anyone doesn't directly affect you so there should be no reason why you should care enough to write an article about it.

Please be more considerate before you write a rant. You are going to offend some people. And it seems pretty clear that you have, indeed.
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Hey you kids, get off my lawn!
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What a stupid rant. And I can't help but laugh at how defensive she is in the comments. Seriously, don't put yourself out there if you can't take differing points of view.
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Steve F
Miranda, I was a college student but I didnt party, drink alcohol or coffee, or have late night video game sessions. But balancing a full time job, school, and the associated stress sometimes meant exhaustion kicked in full swing. I hated falling asleep on the bus, but I didnt have much say sometimes. I was exhausted.

Lumping all students into judgemental generalizations is wrong. Show some sympathy.
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75 hour work-week employee
Dear Ms. Nelson. While your premise would seem correct - that it could be deemed rude to have a nap (which is really being semi-dozed off as to not miss stops), has it ever occurred to you that accidents happen? Is it still rude when it was unplanned? Furthermore, your comment about 'late night video game sessions' and cramming is RUDE, more rude than an accidental sleeping passenger taking up someone else's space.
From the perspective from someone who held down a 3.8 GPA at UBC (full time) while working a full time job AND an on call job to boot, paying rent and amenities, commuting to Vancouver 4 days a week, at 90 minutes each way. Self supporting, without student loans, I am GUILTY of accidentally falling asleep a few times. If I ever was in someones space they would kindly let me know, as I would let someone else know if I was the recipient of the invasion.
What about other transit kindnesses such as letting someone go in first, giving someone a prized seat in a very full bus, giving someone else fare when they were short, breaking a bill when they had no change, waking a stranger up when they were going to miss their stop... These students who you are ranting about I'm sure are guilty of also being kind to you countless other times.
By your written words, you sound as though you feel older and removed than the diverse student population, as you seem to have forgotten what it was like to be a student. Or maybe your tuition and rent were paid for by parents? If you are older, I consider YOU at fault, as being part of your generation, for the ever increasing costs of tuition, coupled with low wages, that forces the majority of the student population to work so very hard, and to occasionally nap on the bus.
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You really need to get over yourself and find something meaningful to write about. Attacking students because they are tired? Probably from working so much and trying to go to school all at the same time? I can't imagine how you would react to a situation that actually warranted a reaction. God forbid we as a community could come together and have a little understanding for hardworking people, which apparently you know nothing about.
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OMG!!! who wrote this f&*^ing bulls^&t.... everyone sleeps on the bus and now U have to complain about it.... give a break... and get a boyfriend...
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