World AIDS Day: Have you been tested for HIV?

It's World AIDS Day today (December 1).

Dr. Julio Montaner, director of the B.C. Centre of Excellence in HIV/AIDS, filmed this video and penned this open letter to mark the occasion:

I invite you to join me today in uniting with people around the world in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

We want all those in need – wherever they live, whoever they love, whatever their drug use history, however they earn a living – to have supported access to the best HIV treatment and care, and the most effective prevention strategies, in a stigma and discriminatory free society.

This year’s theme for World AIDS Day is “Getting to Zero”: zero discrimination, zero new HIV infections and zero AIDS-related deaths.

Together, we can STOP HIV/AIDS. Get tested.

The AIDS Vancouver website features a map of HIV testing sites in the Lower Mainland.

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