We Are Gay Propaganda rallies opposition to Russia's antigay laws

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      As anticipation for the fast-approaching Sochi Winter Olympics steadily mounts, so is attention towards gay-rights issues in Russia.

      A new social media campaign, We Are Gay Propaganda, has been launched by social media strategists Kevin Dolan and Joe Babarsky who are working with LGBT activists in response to homophobic Russian legislation.

      They're hoping to draw attention to the escalating violence against LGBT people in Russia. 

      In addition to the hashtag #GayPropaganda, the group is producing a series of three public-service announcements to raise international awareness of Russian laws that prohibit "gay propaganda" in order to raise opposition in time for the Olympics in February.

      The videos are an attempt to make facts or news headlines from Russia more relatable on an emotional and human level.

      The first video, released on November 21, is called "The Scream".

      The second in the series, released on November 28, is called "The Flag".

      For more information about the campaign, visit the We Are Gay Propaganda Facebook page.