With PoopBuddy, your doggy bags are in the mail

You might know a coworker who receives a monthly food subscription box, like those offered by Vancouver's Snackbox. Well, people living south of the border can subscribe to a new service that's decidely crappier.

Every month, San Francisco-based PoopBuddy sends subscribers a set of themed "eco-chic" dog waste bags. For US$8 to US$10 a month, you get at least 80 bags plus a couple of "surprises" (treats or accessories). On its website, PoopBuddy says one of its goals is to raise awareness of the importance of picking up dog poop:

After months of research, we found that dog poop is the third largest water contaminant, and is toxic to our health. To answer your question - No, dog poop is not a good fertilizer. The best thing to do is just bag it and trash it.

Sadly, PoopBuddy doesn't ship to Canada. So I'll just have to keep dodging the soft stuff every day on my way to work.

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