10 racist children’s books (video)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the entire Chronicles of Narnia made the cut. So did Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

This proves that racist children's books can still make great holiday presents. So long as you're ready to have a talk about racism with your seven-year-old.

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Lawrence Johnson
Bloody hilarious!

So delightful that an effete gaggle of snobs took the time to produce a video suggesting these books are racist. I've not seen such a spectacular effort to foster illiteracy, a narrow minded view of the world, and a historical myopia in at least a week. That they were cherry-picked from the time of their creation and plunked into today's hypersensitive culture of cowardice is a stroke of utter genious. Bravo!

Tell me, please, is this the same set of revisionairies respnosible for rewriting Mark Twain's masterpiece expunging the word nigger from the text? I just love how knock-kneed we've all become when it comes to the notion that a six letter word can't be uttered in any context whatsoever, lest the utterer be scorched with the brand Racist. Again, bravo!

The #1 pick is the most brilliant of all. The Chronicles of Narnia in no way qualifies as high art from the world of fiction; however, that the Calormenes wear turbans, sport long beards and dwell in the desert is not something I ever considered relevant to the sacrifice of humans to a "satanic god" and the judgement by others that they're cruel, greedy, and cowardly. Such an ironic juicy and sweet non-sequitur is to be savoured like a fine wine.

Keep 'em coming! I won't speak for anyone else, but I'm thirsty for more.
Rating: -11
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