TransLink Idol: Four buskers, one licence

Perhaps this is what TransLink means by "public consultation".

The regional transportation authority is taking a pageor episode, ratherfrom reality TV as it awards busker licenses for the coming year.

Buskers are set to audition on Wednesday (December 4) at TransLink HQ. While a panel of judges will select the winners of seven available licences, four buskers will be chosen to compete for an eighth licence.

TransLink plans to post videos of the four contestants' performances on The Buzzer Blog. The public will vote from December 5 to 15, and the winner will be named on December 16.

Cindy Bromley, TransLink director of communications and stakeholder relations, will be one of the judges. In a news release, Bromley says: "Buskers have been part of our transit culture since TransLink’s music program started in 1986. We are excited that for the first time, the public will help determine who they want to see and hear by voting for one of the busker license recipients."

Buskers perform at Waterfront, Burrard, Granville, Vancouver City Centre, and Commercial-Broadway stations. There are a total of 42 busker licenses, which are valid for one year. Thirty-four buskers renewed their licences for next year.

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Rating: +2
Translink should just work on improving their service and leave busking to the buskers..
Rating: +7
Jwo Lu
Really they are gonna choose a limited amount of buskers to busk at all the stations? Seems like a scam against artist in general. Soon they will ticket people so they can listen to their Ipod in the station. This shouldn't be allowed at all. I can see limiting the spots around the station so it's not a noise art festival and maybe setting up 1-2 hour time frame spots like Granville island. But double charging buskers already with a Vancouver busking licence for a second licence... YESH...But not allowing the many talented musicians to play is ridiculous. I would sign a petition against this commercialized action against busking! FYI many buskers are young artist starting out cause they are trying to get their confidence up to play a roomed show or just elders that supplement their income doing this. Are we really that over run by violent buskers that are taking up too much translink space and time? Booooo on the Translink Natzies.
Rating: +2
Michael Charrois
If these artists have to prove how professional they are by go through an audition or job interview process, Translink should be paying them at least minimum wage. Artists are asked to play for free at resteraunts (it's good exposure they say) and pass the hat for change in the subway to enhance the commuter's experience. Translink is expecting professional quality and expects to pay nothing for the artist's labour- this is called expoitation.
Rating: +12
cathy davis
Socan is the reason that we have to pay for our licence attranslink Stations. It would be nice to be paid for busking anywhere. Translink is the least of the offenders. At least, they guarantee that panhandlers do not take our spots, and that we are safe.Unfortunately busker bashing is rampant with city Council's across the nation.Buskers should be protected by The Charter of Rights and Freedoms under Freedom of Expression.Panhandlers are allowed to ask for help, and stay at any location without a licence. They are not harassed or licenced.Buskers usually have to pay to play and we have to keep moving.We also have to have a criminal records check.I have a Translink licence and a Vancouver Street licence because I do not want my guitar confiscated. I am 58 years old and legally blind, not on welfare. I need to busk to supplement my income.Better Translink than Nanimo's insane bylaw 7109
Rating: +2
Tom Piro
"TransLink says this is the first time the public will get the chance to vote for a busker." Nonsense. The public votes every day by tossing a coin or otherwise encouraging buskers. It's too bad self-important municipal bureaucrats get to censor who the public is allowed to see.
Rating: -1
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