White Walkers spotted in Gastown

HBO Home Entertainment showcased its 2014 schedule at Gastown restaurant the Diamond, last night (December 2).

Not surprisingly, the cocktail parlour was decorated with Game of Thrones-themed items. Since the first episode aired back in April 2011, the  bloody fantasy drama has taken its place at the very pinnacle of HBO’s roster.

Hence, there were two White Walkers posing for photo ops and a small candlelit room where you could have your runes read by a local psychic.

Each of the GoT houses, meanwhile, was represented by a themed drink. I went with the House Stark which featured a mix of three rums, orange, lime, winter spice, and amontillado sherry. That’s why I’m writing this drunk.

Sumptuous tuna ceviche and rockfish tacos were served as the trailers began. A retrospective of HBO product from 2013 was delicious if not quite as fresh. Golden Globe winner Girls was rolled out, along with Emmy winners Veep and Newsroom.

True Blood, Eastbound and Down, and the awkwardly funny Hello Ladies rounded out the rear view.

Next up was a sneak peek into what we can expect from HBO in 2014. Big budget cop drama True Detective (premiering January 19) looked impressive, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson playing detectives whose paths cross during a 17–year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana.

Beginning in 2014, the plum time slot following Girls will go to Looking, a new comedy set in San Francisco's middle-aged-and-single gay community. Jonathan Groff stars.

Bridging both seasons is Ja'ime: Private School Girl, Chris Lilley’s spin-off of the very funny Australian mockumentary series, Summer Heights High.

Getting On is a dark comedy about nurses in a geriatric extended care unit, starring Mad TV alum and Family Guy voice actor Alex Borstein, with Laurie Metcalf of Roseanne fame.

HBO Canada is offering the premier episodes of Ja'mie and Getting On for free right here

Watch the trailer for new HBO series, Looking, with Jonathan Groff

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