Yes, Komak is really Canada’s Olympic mascot for Sochi 2014

The Canadian Olympic team has unveiled its official mascot. As if the goofy red antlers weren't amazing enough, here's Komak's bio:

Komak is a young moose exploring Canada’s beautiful landscape en route to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games to support his team.He was born in Ontario’s Algonquin Park; however his family loves travelling and this has allowed Komak to meet many different Canadians accross this great country. He is a proud Canadian Olympic Team member and loves interacting with our athletes. Because he is a moose, he is strong swimmer and excels at open water swimming.

His other hobbies include pin trading, giving high fives, pursuing the Olympic journey, cheering on his teammates and continuing to learn and play new sports! His dream is to one day help organize and compete in the first Olympic Games for Mascots, so he and his friends can have fun, play and complete for Olympic medals.

Komak has his own Twitter account, of course.

The 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, will run from March 7 to 16.

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Should've gone with Tyrone from the Backyardigans. Nelvana's still Canadian, right?
Rating: +5
Needs more Quatchi. Sasquatch FTW!
Rating: +5
EVIL Patrick
I think Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys is undoubtably Canada's best representative.

Passed over again...
Rating: -7
It's a mascot screaming to be abused.
Rating: +6
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