The atheist ads Pattison Outdoor doesn't want you to see?

The Centre for Inquiry Canada wanted to place its ads on billboards in Vancouver. But, according to the self-described "educational charity", ad agency Pattison Outdoor said no.

From a PR standpoint, it's probably the best outcome for Toronto-based CFI. Now its atheist ad campaign is getting lots of free coverage from media outlets.

CFI says it plans to lodge a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal and is considering other legal options. Pattison Outdoor is part of the Jim Pattison Group.

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Free Enterprise?
Freedom to accept or reject, right? Ride the free media coverage.
Rating: +3
Anti=God goes political? I wonder why they are not in Rome denouncing God? I also wonder about what they think of Santa? Who are these pot stirrers?
Rating: -13
God is as real as Santa
Rating: +12
Like an increasing majority of Canadians, I`m an atheist. I think Pattison Outdoor should be sued over this. This just brings to light the undemocratic and socially unhealthy monopoly they have over public advertising in this city. Pattison Group is able to promote their own political and religious/social agenda through lack of competition. Who's responsible for giving them that monopoly in this city I'd like to know...
Nonetheless, that`s a crappy ad. Is that the best CFI could come up with? I would reject it on lack of effort alone.
Rating: +1
"Without God we are all good."!!!
Well if that isn't the most messed up message.
Rating: +1
Harry Abrams
Suing Pattison Outdoor? Not going to happen. Every display advertising media retains the right to reject ad content if considered to be potentially offensive or even controversial. Each company draws the line in their own way. You can't force a company to put up material that they fundamentally disagree with either, if that's their choice. It's a bit off that Pattison rejected these ads, perhaps because they mock holy scripture, but allowed the devious & misleading "disappearing Palestine" ones.
Rating: -5
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