Homeless in Vancouver: I thought it was beginning to warm up!

Waking up this morning, I considered things in the light of a new day.

While I washed down a mouthful of cheese-flavoured goldfish with leftover coffee in my thermal travel mug, I wondered who dreamed up things like cheese-flavoured, goldfish-shaped snacks.

Last night’s coffee was still lukewarm; a good sign I thought—how cold could it possibly be?

I didn’t get a block before I had my answer. There was a building’s drainpipe, frozen in mid-gush, the water bubbling from the mouth of the pipe and flowing over the branches—nearly a freeze-frame!

So it’s still well below zero, and forecast to stay that way into next week. But, like Canadians back east like to say about their winters—“it’s a dry cold.” 

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