Homeless in Vancouver: This mess is a dream come true

Paper and books strewn all over the place. Was it bookish crows? Did some Dumpster diver do that?

Wait a minute…that’s suspiciously clean garbage. Is that a mess or an art installation?

Caution: art students at work

The gentleman in the hoodie admitted with a smile that it was an art installation. Billy and and his friend Laurel—both art school students—had artfully arranged the assemblage so they could photograph it from a third-floor apartment.

They were trying to illustrate a dream—a dream of falling, or perhaps of falling into a dream. They weren’t sure—they were working it out as they went along.

Laurel focuses on turning the mess into art.
Stanley Q. Woodvine

Basically they were making art—similar enough to making a mess as to make no difference.

Laurel and Billy are both attending the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, located on Granville Island.

Named after the important B.C. painter and writer Emily Carr, this prestigious postsecondary institution is unique for its singular focus on the arts.

It’s also surprisingly sprightly for an octogenarian: in 2015 it will mark the 90th anniversary of its founding in 1925.

Hoodies, coffee and yoga pants: Laurel and Billy are definitely Vancouver art school students.
Stanley Q. Woodvine
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Looks like garbage to me. Oh, it's art?? Same thing.
Rating: -8
the debris include philosophy books? emily carr manufactures so many smug a-holes, but even worse are the mfas from ubc.
Rating: +2
Blah Humbug
Rating: -9
Thee Arteest
Come see my latest work, I will be famous soon it's called "Clouds of the Earth".It's a stack of toilet paper with toothpicks sticking out each roll.
Rating: +1
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