Allan Wong and Vision Vancouver school trustees “share similar views”

About three months before Allan Wong announced his defection to Vision Vancouver on December 8, the Straight asked the then only elected Coalition of Progressive Electors politician about his plans for the 2014 municipal election.

In an email on September 17, Wong indicated that he saw his relationship with Vision trustees to be “very solid leading into the 2014 election”.

Toward the end of October, Wong left the COPE executive.

Here’s the relevant portion of Wong’s response to the Straight’s September inquiry:

I’m eager to move ahead with a group of Trustees that support the same direction for the Board. I work very well with the current Vision Trustees. We are a high functioning Board with clear directions to improve the district.

The bigger picture of COPE and Vision will be left to the COPE membership and it is to[o] early to speculate at this time. From a School Board perspective, I appreciate the relationship I have with the Vision Trustees. We share similar views on most issues and those items that we have differing priorities only strengthens us a Board. I see … my relationship with the Vision Trustees to be very solid leading into the 2014 election.

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