Rob Ford was only the fifth most talked about topic on Facebook in 2013

Even though I can't load up my Facebook news feed without seeing a mention of Toronto's embattled-but-defiant, crack-using mayor, Rob Ford wasn't the year's most talked about topic among Canadian users. That "honour" went to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

As well, if you think your fellow sports and music fans at Rogers Arena spend too much time looking at their phones, you're right. Rogers Arena was the number one checked-in location on Facebook in 2013 that wasn't a bus stop or rapid-transit station.

Here's the Canadian highlights from Facebook's year in review.

Most Talked About Topics of 2013 in Canada

1. Maple Leafs

2. Harlem Shake

3. Miley Cyrus Twerk

4. Boston Marathon

5. Rob Ford

6. Royal Baby Prince George

7. Justin Trudeau

8. Lance Armstrong

9. Pope Francis

10. Chris Hadfield

Top Checked-In Locations in Canada (excluding transportation hubs)

1. Rogers Arena (BC)

2. Centre Bell (QC)

3. Air Canada Centre (ON)

4. West Edmonton Mall (AB)

5. Niagara Falls Tourism (ON)

6. Canada's Wonderland (ON)

7. Rogers Centre (ON)

8. Rexall Place (AB)

9. Scotiabank Saddledome (AB)

10. Canadian Tire Centre (ON)

Major Life Events of 2013 in Canada

1. Added Relationship

2. Married

3. Engaged

4. Travel

5. Moved

6. Ended Relationship

7. Had baby

8. First met

9. Expecting a Baby

10. Lost Loved One

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