Former ICBC CEO: Oil pipeline projects “make no economic sense” (video)

Former ICBC CEO Robyn Allan says the public has been fed a "false narrative" about tar-sands pipelines by industry.

Allan, who was also the senior economist for B.C. Central Credit Union, has put together this informative video presentation about government policy regarding oil pipeline proposals such as Enbridge's Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain expansion.

The video concludes with a segment titled "Top 10 Economic Reasons to Say 'No'".

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This excellent video should be required viewing for every voter in BC.
Now we need someone to make a similar video about Christy's LNG fantasy and explain what that will do to your electricity and natural gas bills and your taxes.
Rating: +10
Stephen Rees
Apart from references to "environmental standards" and spill risks, the analysis ignores the biggest issue. The oil cannot be burned without devastating results. The urgency for the oil companies is to exploit as much of the resource as possible before the assets become stranded when finally some serious action is taken to arrest and reverse the increase in carbon dioxide emissions which are making the planet uninhabitable.

Yes we should oppose the pipelines - but not just to allow a different pattern of development of the tar sands. Canada and BC in particular need an energy strategy based on sustainable and renewable resources and the creation of a better kind of economic activity that does not destroy the planet in the process
Rating: -3
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