Uwe Boll, the world's most reviled film director, is now a food critic

Holy crap, does Uwe Boll have no shame?

Well, obviously not, since he made Alone in the Dark.

But still—what the fuck does he think he's doing becoming a restaurant reviewer?

The guy's got a YouTube food review channel, and he started up a Twitter account, @WorldBestRest, where he tweets insightful banter like "Who gives a shit how great a restaurant looks if the food is bad" and "The best host on @FoodNetworkCA is @GordonRamsay!"

Get a load of this review of the Gastown restaurant Secret Location that he posted a while back.

"It's like, one peanut would be better," he says of the brioche, before concluding that the ostrich "feels a little dry and burnt, but it's excellent."

The funniest part is when he gets to the dessert and says: "This looks like a dog had diarrhea—with some white fluffy stuff on top. So let me try a little."

It think it's safe to say that Anthony Bourdain's career is not in jeopardy.

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Steve Newton
I forgot to mention that the lighting is an improvement over some of his feature work.
Rating: -8
boris moris
Bourdain is a dead animal chewing ass clown. A real mass market hump. Boll could do a better job even if he was simultaneously being eviscerated by rabid trolls.
Rating: -6
People gettin' angry about Uwe Boll in 2013, right here folks.
Rating: -7
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