Video: Santa trashes Christmas

This video hasn't gone viral yet.

When it arrived in my in-box, it had only been seen by 59 viewers on YouTube.

But I'm betting the numbers will increase over the next two weeks as the marketing shopathon known as Christmas comes barrelling at us.

The Santa in this video is in cahoots with the corporate sector to steal childhood innocence and crush the environmental movement.

"Oh there are a few people who know what's going on, like that pain in the ass Bill Rees," Santa says. "But their voices are weak and ours are strong. And we're everywhere."

Amen, brother.

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Santa Claus Denier
Sorry children there is no Santa and the world isn't warming.
Those are just lies told to you by your parents and teachers. Don't hate them for it they are just ignorant and misguided.
Rating: -3
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