Video: The Death of a Mayor: The Tragic End of Rob Ford

Taiwan-based Next Media Animation is known for its irreverent and always-hilarious videos about various issues in the news.

This week, however, it took a far more sombre approach in this five-minute fictitious look at what's in store for Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

It sends a message that what's happening in Canada's biggest city isn't nearly as funny as U.S. late-night TV comedians sometimes suggest.

Taiwan is a relatively small nation—just 23 million people living in an area the size of Vancouver Island—but it has emerged as a creative powerhouse in East Asia.

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Brilliant. But the truth can be very sad.

In a perfect world, trains that are heading towards a collision, derailment and deadly explosion could be stopped by the dreaded "system". But we will never have a system like that because of civil libertarians ("commie socialists") on one side, and political libertarians ("Ford Nation" and the Conservative Party) on the other.

The Rob Fords of the world will crash and burn. And then we can all talk about the tragedies of addiction and mental illness. Too bad, so sad.
Rating: +9
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